FAMILIES.  There is no single unit more important than that of the family unit.  Therefore, the family must be tended to with great delicacy, as it can either spring up thriving, well-adjusted members who form healthy attachments, or it can do just the opposite - breed a domino effect of problems.  Many families find themselves needing outside help when an unforeseen problem arises, such as the younger sibling beginning to rebel or a parent developing an addiction problem.  Maybe the family has experienced a natural disaster, like a hurricane or tornado, or the family is having acculturation problems after moving to America from a foreign country.  There could be secrets, such as sexual abuse, within the family that are creating secondary (and more visible) problems, like behavioral issues.  Some families are unable to identify the root of their problems but can't seem to stop fighting with each other.  Parents who have marital problems may notice their relationship issues taking a toll on their children, creating adjustment, mood, or behavioral problems in the children.  If you and your family are struggling with these or any other issues, take a step towards family healing, and schedule your first appointment today.